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Health coaching faqs

Got questions about health coaching?

Have a read through the health coaching FAQs before choosing your health coaching package or send me a message if you’d like to go into further detail. I’m looking forward to chatting with you!

I like the idea of having a health coach but am still not sure if this is right for me?

That’s ok, let’s have a quick complimentary chat and you can ask me any questions you have before deciding whether to sign up.

I understand. It can be daunting to discuss things of a personal nature. I want you to feel comfortable talking to me and I always like to reassure my clients that everything we discuss is completely confidential. If I ask you a question that you are not ready to answer, that is OK, you can simply say ‘pass’ and we will move on.

It all depends how long you would like to work with me for. Let’s have a quick complimentary chat and I can help you select the best package for your needs.

Yes, on arrival you can park in the clinic courtyard. I will send you directions and guidance to my clinic in Norwich upon booking your health coaching consultation.

No problem. I really love to see my clients in clinic as I believe it is always more beneficial to meet face-to-face but if that’s not possible for you then we can easily meet online. I work with health coaching clients in Norwich, Norfolk and all over the UK. 

I understand and I don’t want to set you any goals that are not realistic or achievable. We will discuss this kind of thing in the consultation and take all your circumstances into consideration.

Absolutely. To be transparent, it is more cost-effective to select the health coaching package with more sessions from the outset. If you are not ready to do that, you can definitely add more sessions at a later stage.

No – It is outside of my remit to advise you to stop taking any prescribed medication. It is also important to note that I am not permitted to diagnose or claim to treat medical conditions. Health coach advice is not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment.

Good nutrition and exercise support the body’s natural defences and resistance to disease. However, no claim can be made about the efficacy of any advice given.

Not directly. However, I will ask for your permission to refer you back to your GP with a written letter should I become aware of any signs and symptoms that require further medical investigation. You are responsible for contacting your medical doctor or specialist about any health concerns you have.

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