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Smashing Your Health Goals: The Power of Consistency and Habit Stacking

Smashing your health goals - the power of consistency and habit stacking

Hey, it’s been a while, but I am BACK!

I have been a little quiet for a couple of months but all for very good reason.

I have been deep in study mode, completing the final few months of my Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy qualification and I am buzzing to report, I have sat my final exam, passed my last practical clinical assessment and all the paperwork in between (and there was A LOT!)

Now to wait for my results but there is no shadow of a doubt in my mind that I have passed with flying colours. Why? Because of my commitment to achieving this goal.

I’ll be honest, this has been no easy task, whilst continuing to coach my current clients, raising two children, looking after two dogs and my home, all whilst my husband has been working away. 

“I don’t know how you do it all” is a phrase I hear often. Well, I am about to share exactly how I did it and how you can achieve your goals too.

My top tips for achieving your goals:

Setting goals, whether it be getting your dream job, writing a book, starting a new course, losing 30lbs or improving your health can seem daunting when it starts as an idea in your mind. You wonder how you will ever get there or where do you even start?

1. Get it out of your head!

First off, identify what it is you want to achieve. Write it down, vocalise it, put it out there. Don’t let your dream get stuck as an idea in your head. Only then can you start to map out exactly how your dream will become a reality.

2. Debunk the stories you are telling yourself.

    Something holding you back? Worried what people will think? Scared of failing? Do away with those limiting beliefs. If a voice in your head is talking you out of pursuing your dream or your goal, ask why and debunk that lie you are telling yourself. You can achieve anything you set your mind to.

    Some of these limiting stories might sound like:

    “I could never do that course; my memory is terrible, and I would forget what I have learned”.

    “I can’t join the gym, I am not fit enough, people will judge me”.

    “I will never lose weight; I have no willpower where food and exercise are concerned”.

    If you are telling yourself these kinds of stories, remember that’s just your ego trying to keep you in your comfort zone. Don’t have it… do the work to move past that rubbish self-talk. It has no right to hold you back.

    3. Plan, plan, plan!

    Planning is essential for staying on track with your goals. Take some time each week to sit down and map out your game plan.

    For example, schedule your workouts, plan your meals, and carve out time for self-care activities that nourish your body and soul. By having a clear plan in place, you’ll be less likely to veer off course when life gets busy or stressful.

    For me, this meant sitting down with my weekly planner on a Sunday afternoon and planning for the week ahead, for example:

    • What lectures, revision, clinics etc I needed to complete
    • Children’s school, sporting, activity commitments
    • Planning meals and ordering online food shop
    • Scheduling in exercise

    We always believe we have more time than we do, but life gets in the way sometimes (or we pick up our phones and fall down a social media rabbit hole for way too long).

    By scheduling actionable steps into the diary, it is much easier to hold ourselves accountable and stay on task.

    4. Actionable steps

    Be specific about how you will get there. Goals are bigger objectives that you need to break down into actionable steps which will take you on the path to achieving your goal. So, for instance, my goal was to pass my naturopathic nutrition course but that doesn’t give me the roadmap for getting there.

    My actionable steps to get there included steps such as:

    • Schedule specific lectures into the calendar (some of those bad boys were 9 hours long)
    • Schedule sufficient revision time, breaking it down by subject.
    • Booking clients into observed clinics in London, booking train tickets scheduling childcare etc

    If you have a health goal of losing 30lbs, your actionable steps might include:

    • Walk at least 10,000 steps daily.
    • Eat 3 balanced meals per day, including protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fat at each meal.
    • Establish a sleep routine to ensure 7-9 hours sleep per night.

    5. Be realistic

    To prevent myself from burnout, it was important that I equally prioritised time for myself and my family. As such, I scheduled this time into my calendar to create balance, time for rest and recuperation. 

    Be honest with yourself about what is realistic for you?

    Is setting an actionable step of attending the gym for 1 hour, 5 times per week realistic for you or are you setting yourself up to fail? If you are realistic the goal is much more likely to be attainable. 

    6. Be consistent

    Consistency is the key to success in any endeavour. It’s about showing up for yourself every single day, rain or shine, and putting in the work to move closer to your goals. 

    Why is it so important to be consistent?

    • You build continual positive momentum towards your goal each day.
    • By repeating an action repeatedly, you are creating a habit which rewires your brain and makes those actions second nature to you. They become a natural part of your routine. You don’t need to think about it…you just DO it!! You take that mysterious, illusive motivation out of the equation.
    • By being consistent, you build confidence in yourself…which fuels further success. What a beautiful cycle! I can whole-heartedly say I trust myself to get sh*t done…. because I am consistent.
    • You overcome resistance. Ill be honest, there were days when I did not want to study, to read medical research, to make notes…there were days when I felt tired, unmotivated etc…. but this is where consistency was my best friend. By committing and showing up even when you don’t feel like it is how you build resilience, and resilience is what carries you through the tough times. 
    • Consistency delivers results….it separates the dreamers from the doers. It’s the secret ingredient that turns that lofty goal which was in your head into a tangible result.

    7. Set boundaries!

    You have to learn to say no to things that do not align with your priorities and values (even if it displeases those around you). Some of the boundaries I have set in the last two months to keep me focused and on track:

    • Zero alcohol
    • Eating nourishing food that powered by brain, stabilised by energy and supported by nervous system.
    • Exercise daily.
    • Saying no to social events that would take me away from scheduled study time.
    • Bed by 9:30pm each night to achieve 7-8 hours’ sleep. 

    Remember, every choice you make either brings you closer to or further from your goals – so choose wisely. If eating a takeaway or boozing at the pub doesn’t align with your goals, then don’t do it.

    8. Habit stacking

    Last but not least, let’s talk about habit stacking. Habit stacking is a powerful technique that involves linking new habits to existing ones to create a chain reaction of positive behaviours.

    For example, if you want to start exercising regularly, you could stack this new habit onto your existing morning routine by committing to a quick workout session before you shower or have breakfast.

    By piggybacking new habits onto ones you already have established, you’ll find it easier to stick to your goals and create lasting change.

    Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day – but with patience, persistence, and a whole lot of consistency, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. You’ve got this!

    If you would like to support in setting actionable steps to achieve your health goals, then get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

    Perhaps your goal is to have more energy, feel less stressed, banish the bloated stomach, lose weight, stop feeling anxious, but you have no idea where to start or what to do. I will build you a personalised plan including nutritional and lifestyle advice, breaking it down into small actionable steps that you can implement into your daily routine to consistently move you towards realising your health goals.

    Get in touch at and let’s chat.

    With love and wellness, Nikki @ The Root Cause

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    Nikki Spencer

    Hi, I’m Nikki Spencer and I am a qualified Health Coach with over 15 years of coaching experience. I am currently in my final year of training to become a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist with the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM). I used naturopathic principles to heal by body and boost by inner and outer vitality….and i feel on top of the world! I am so excited to inspire, guide and support you to do the same!

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